Building Trust

I attended “Building Trust” course in October 2016 and completed it by taking the test and successfully passing it. This course focuses on trust and its foundations, and eventually building trust between parties and maintaining it.

The following is the outline of the course:

The importance of being able to count on your colleagues when it matters most cannot be overstated. Trusting relationships truly are the foundations for productive and enjoyable workplaces. Trust helps improve communication and productivity by giving you and your colleagues the confidence to express and resolve problems. This in turn allows you to focus and collaborate more effectively. At the same time, there are many pitfalls associated with distrusting relationships, including negative impacts on personal development, not to mention team and organizational success. This course provides invaluable insight into the impact of trust and distrust in the workplace. It also addresses the importance of fostering trusting relationships at work and how to build and sustain trust with your colleagues.

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