iLEAD Managing & Leading Change

I have attended the “iLEAD Managing & Leading Change” and successfully completed it in October 2016. This course was offered by Gabriella Dara Cristovao and is mainly about Change and how it works in different environments. 

The following is the outline of the course:

Managing and Leading Change is intended to prepare participants to manage change in their teams more effectively and efficiently. Participants will understand why change efforts fail while some succeed and learn strategies for implementing change successfully and help their employees be more resilient.
Learning Objectives:
Participants in this program will learn how to:

  • Identify the different social domains and reflect on how they influence the physiological response in others when faced with change
  • Recognize why change efforts typically fail or get derailed
  • Diagnose and surface individuals’ predictable stages of concerns
  • Apply the five change leadership strategies to a real case, in order to address concerns and manage and lead change effectively
  • Determine the communication tactics applicable to a case and incorporate into the individual actions
  • Identify how to use the Change Leader Tool Kit and where it is located

Performance Objectives:
Participants are expected to demonstrate the following behaviours on the job:

  • Identify team reactions and determine strategies to lower the threat response of employees when faced with change.
  • Complete the change leader checklist to identify the top 15 reasons change efforts fail or get derailed.
  • Apply the high involvement and communication tactics to decrease team member resistance and increase commitment toward change.
  • Address individuals’ concerns through a series of questions and discussion to increase commitment around a change.
  • Make use of the five leader change strategies to increase team involvement, influence, collaboration, and inclusion on a change.
  • Refer to the Change Leader tool kit and use each of the appropriate resources available to facilitate change initiatives you are managing or leading.

Audience Type:
Level 8 – 10 employees
1-day classroom
Read Case Study and complete worksheet – print off and bring to session
Read Making Change Stick article (revised) and complete worksheet on a new or future change that you will be managing or implementing

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