Ardeshir TV

Ardeshir TV was an attempt to create a new website for Ardeshirbahal. Ardeshirbahal has been producing videos in various fields. You can take a look at his channel in youtube through this link. Ardeshir has been posting videos to youtube since 16 March 2009 and up to day more than 25000 times his videos have…


CHITBR is abbreviation for “Center of Human Islet Transportation and Beta-cell Registration”. If you ask me what that means I have no idea, so please visit their website and find out more. As the address of the site suggests CHITBR belongs to UBC and is a part of UBC university research labs. The design of… was about providing training and consultaion for high positioned Managers.The website was based on flash technology with a nice intro as you can see below. [flash] , 300 , 200 [/flash] [flash] , 300 , 200 [/flash] [flash] , 300 , 200 [/flash] Intro Flash Main Page Modir Advisory Board