There is no Leadership with no Approachability!

If you are a good leader, want to be, or think you are, you need to think about your approachability all the time. If you are good at it, you want to make it better, if you are better, you want to become number one. There is always somewhere you can push your approachability skills to become better.

The following is my cheat sheet for approachability, summarized from different sources.


  • Reaching out
    • Proactive in initiating contact
  • Making yourself available
    • you need to be seen, easy to be contacted, explicit permission to contact you
  • Making people feel confident, comfortable and understood
    • Remain approachable

Advantages of approachability

  • Trust and sharing
  • Critical information and feedback 
  • Opportunities
  • Improved relationships
  • More business

Approachability Index (how approachable are you?)

  • How often do others come to me?
  • How often feedback I am getting?


  • Outreach
  • Availability
  • Reception

Closed doors 

  • Literal 
  • Figurative


  • Talk to people
    • Talk to new people
    • Start conversations
  • Walk to people after the talks, and talk to them
  • Offer to help, very powerful


  • Stay in touch
  • Open door
    • Arm crossed
    • Widget
    • Hiding your face
  • Eye contact
  • Smiling
  • Open body language
    • Same level as others 


  • It is important for them to feel Accepted, relaxed and engaged in the conversation
    • Putting People at ease
  • Be Pro-Active
  • Make people feel good about the conversation
    • Compliment appropriately
    • Show genuine interest
    • Be patient
    • Be pleasant and polite
  • Open ended question vs closed ended questions
  • Follow up questions vs empty questions


  • Listen
  • Harmonize
  • Share

Common listening mistakes:

  • Finishing other’s sentences
  • Cutting people off while they’re talking
  • Daydreaming or not paying attention
  • Avoiding people


  • Find common ground and match your understanding
  • Matching behavior, body language and your interests


  • Share information about yourself
  • Volunteer information and answer questions (Personal)

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