My Notes on Change Leadership 2017

Paul Alofs

  • Transformational change needs disruptive leaders!
  • You can never step into a river (the same) twice.
  • Disruptive leaders most valuable asset? Passion Capital!
  • To read: 
    • J&J Creed 
    • Deloitte Change Survey

John Maxwell

  • One man with courage is the majority!
  • If you are good you don’t need an introduction, and if you are not it won’t help you.
  • A level-2 leader listens better and in depth. 
  • Get off vision & focus on culture. Vision is what you want to see, culture is what you actually do.
  • A level-2 leader is a terrific servant leaders.
  • When you stop loving people you should stop leading them.
  • A level-3 leader has moral authority.
  • If you want to be a leader get good at what you are doing. People will line up to be your follower.
  • A level-3 leader lead by example. He/She leads out of what you learned today, not yesterday’s. If latter, you are a history teacher.
  • Momentum is leader’s best friend.
  • A level-3 leader attracts better people.
  • For level-4 leader reproduction is key
    •  On level 3 you add On level 4 you compound
  • Level-4 leaders are best recruiters Good at training & equipping people
  • 5 step equipment process (simple)
    • I do it (& be good at it) 
    • I do it & you are with me 
    • You do it & I will be with you 
    • You do it 
    • You do it & somebody else is with you (The Magic Step).
  • For level-5: people on company put you on this level
  • Their response is based on what level they are on with you.

Jeremy Gutsche


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