My Notes from Agile Coach Camp / Spark the Change

Community: not competing for resources, no anger or hostility, we’re in this together

Mark Bowden:
Facilitation Notes:

  • Have a conversation with me! 
  • Hand gestures
  • Moving in the crowd, and moving! 
  • Voice up & down. 
  • Look at many! 
  • Humor!

Hair is a history of your health and diet!
We consistently create behavior to create advantages
Optimism has been … for our brain stem cells => we are pessimists
Brain cells no history, no memory
no … for many years for survival
No one ever listening to you, they are always judging you!
Brain is a guessing center, the better it guesses more chances you survive

Your guess is based on your ideas of me
We change ideas

Change is extraordinary and because of that you have to do extraordinary behavior
Environment decides your behavior
If I control my environment, I can decide as who to show up
Insufficient data you default to negative
Your environment decides most about your authentic you than everything else if affects your behavior the most

your language predicts and omits if decides based on behavior
–bias remorse

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