Me & Linkedin Connections; Tips to Build a Strong Network

Linkedin is a great resource, to find information on people, and connect to them, share some updates and expand. However, there are people that are not using it very effectively, they might be using it efficiently though ;-).

Below are my tips for building a strong network in Linkedin.

Random People

  • Do not add random people and hope for the best. If there is someone you are adding that they don’t know you use the Linkedin web interface to add them as a connection. There is an option to add a note there. It gives the receiver an idea of who you are, and why you are connecting. 
  • If you are receiving a request from someone you don’t know, I suggest you to use the Linkedin feature to send them a message (you don’t have to pay for it), you can send messages for free for people adding you. This gives you a chance to build a better connection with them and stronger. It shows how important the connection is for you. 

People with a very large number of connections

  • If you see someone that added you with 10K connections, I would suggest reconsidering adding them immediately. Unless they are a VIP that you are very interested to be connected to, I recommend against accepting their connection request. I would send them a message and see if they respond back, then I will see based on the response to move ahead. 

People with mutual connections

  • It’s best if you check with a connection to your new connection. Do get to know your connections any way you can. It will pay off.

It’s an opportunity, at the end

  • After all, these that you have done to learn about your new connection, you finally make a decision to accept it or not. It’s not the end of the world if you accept someone and then it becomes spam. It’s easy, you can simply unfollow them whilst still being connected to them. Unfollowing them, make them able to send you messages but you wouldn’t get updates from them. The worst-case scenario is that you can remove their connection. 

Final words:

If you build a strong network, it’s a network that is connected to you most. You are in the center of it, and not on the border. It takes energy and time to build that. When you build it, it pays off. 
How many people do you know that has 5 times your network and when they share an update will only get as par or fewer likes than yours? 
How many people do you know in the same field with you that has many more connections than you but fewer recommendations or endorsement?
The above are the signs of a weak network. If you see those, apply the above suggestions moving forward to make yours a stronger one. 

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