First Ever Lean Agile Virtual Lunch (Lean Coffee Style)

First Ever Lean Agile Virtual Lunch (Lean Coffee Style)

Necessity is the mother of invention. We did not invent anything per se, but we invented a new way of being connected to each other. In LAN, and because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are moving toward remote facilitated sessions. We had our first as a lean coffee. It was great to connect to people, we had visitors from Asia as well!

We talked about the following topics:

  • Suggestions for fun retrospectives with the entire team remote?
  • Remote Team Working Agreements, for teams that are forced to work remotely!
  • How to keep motivation high and not be lazy during these times
  • Remote facilitation/coaching experiences
  • Ideas to conduct a successful remote daily scrum meeting?

The resources we shared at the Lean Coffee session:

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