Lean On Agile Podcast is Here! + My Top 10 Agile Podcast Recommendations

I am glad to announce that I started the Lean On Agile Podcast. It was due for the longest time. The first episode is about Agile Certifications and you can listen to it at Lean On Agile podcast.

Lean On Agile Podcast

You can also listen to the Lean On Agile Podcast on your favorite podcast player app. Some of them as follows:

The inspiration for the podcast came from 3 other thought leaders of Agile space, Amitai, Bob, and Esther. Agile in 3 Minutes is run by Amitai, Meta-Cast is run by Joshua and Bob, and the Law of Raspberry Jam and Tea from Viktor and Esther. Learning about Bob’s journey was the final motivation needed for me to get the podcast started.

I started the podcast in December 2019. I utilized the holiday season to get all the foundations set up, make sure I know what I am doing, and create the right structure for a successful launch. I was lucky to get one episode done in Dec 2019. The first episode was about Agile Certifications, not my favorite topic. I wanted to share my thoughts and some of my personal journeys for the listeners. I really enjoyed talking about agile certifications at the end. It was a very easy choice to start the podcast with it. It was my MVP, if you may. I was able to see how many people are going to listen to it, how much feedback do I get. Also, it gave me an idea of how much more time do I need to invest in podcast material.

You can find the podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and other platforms. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Please let me know your suggestions, what are you looking to hear, and your topics of interest.

Now that we are talking about Podcasts, let me share the list of 10 (9+1) Agile Podcasts that I recommend:

The below podcasts are worth mentioning as honorary. They are not being updated for a while. However, there are good resources to listen to, still!

If you know of any good podcasts please comment below. I will listen if I have not already to them.

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