Coaching Anti-Pattern #2 – Not Being Yourself!

As a coach, you know of some coaching techniques and tools. It’s easy to get lost in all of the toolkits you have and try to pick one up to use amongst many. That’s one of the coaching anti-patterns that I typically see; get lost in the moment, and not being your authentic self. The coach tries to perform a technique developed by someone else.

My advice is not to try too hard to remember every single step that was taught for a specific technique. Think of yourself as a chef. Although they possess recipes, great chefs, depending on many factors, alter the recipe to the need of that moment.

Try to be yourself. Have confidence in yourself and the way you are coaching, despite even being your first time. Keep in mind that the person you are coaching most probably won’t notice if you even miss something. Unless the coachee is a coach.

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