Innovation Through Customer Co-creation – TriAgile 2019

I had the pleasure to attend and present at TriAgile, on the topic of Innovation. TriAgile is one of the bigger Agile conferences in North America, with 700 people attending. It was held at  Raleigh, NC. The theme this year was Responding to Change – Individuals, Teams & at Scale. The conference organizers had to respond to change due to weather conditions when their keynote speaker, Esther Derby was not able to arrive on time for opening keynote.

I presented in the morning, with a room full of attendees. I ran a session which was based on Design Thinking, slightly modified to accommodate the challenges of high complexity world we live in.

You can find the embedded presentation, and the description below.


Learn how to co-create with your customers using modern collaboration techniques
To be successful at innovating for your customer, teams need a solid understanding of how to engage and collaborate with their customers and users. It is only then that teams can deliver high impact projects/products that are important to their user base. Embark on a journey and with the latest set of techniques that help teams discover insights sooner and delight their customers faster. Take part in our latest workshop and learn everything you need to know at succeeding in collaborating with your customers. After all, innovation is best served when co-discovered with customers.

Our interactive and fast-paced workshop is based on design thinking, lean startup, and lean UX principles. It is designed to help you uncover better ways of working with your customers and boosting collaboration and creativity on your team. After many iterations and essential feedback, we’ve developed a fun and thought-provoking workshop where you will learn by doing and engaging with real people, working on challenges that will enrich your learning experience.

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