Kanban Maturity Model with David J Anderson

I took a full-week course in the summer of 2020 with David J Anderson, the guy behind the Kanban movement, on Kanban Maturity Model. I took this course as the newer version of KMM has about to come out, and I was lucky to learn that firsthand from one of the authors.

Kanban Maturity Model is a model for organizational maturity. It’s not a model for your agile maturity or even Kanban maturity. And if you are hung up on the Kanban name itself, don’t be. Listen to David himself when talking about choosing Kanban for the Kanban Method name. Similarly don’t have the assumption that you need to be in an environment that is fully sold on Kanban to go and help with their Kanban Maturity Model. You not necessarily even need to call out Kanban, you can just go in and use this map to help you avoid common failures and show you the path to becoming more innovative, and survivable.

Take a look at the amount of information in the second edition of the book. It’s almost three times the size of the previous generation. However, do not panic about it. It is worth reading it, and you can start reading it from where you like and apply it right away.

And if I have to be honest, I was once hung up on the Kanban name for a while; and when I let go of it and focused on what it brings, I have immensely improved my service as a coach and consultant.

You can find the following 6 useful KMM 1.2 Resources on the KMM Resource page.

  • KMM Managed Evolution
  • KMM Culture
  • KMM Practice
  • KMM Outcomes & Benefits
  • KMM Triage Tables
  • KMM Overview

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