Effective yet Effortless Coaching Talk at Coach Retreat Spring 2017

I presented the “Effective yet Effortless Coaching” session at the Coach Retreat Spring 2017 event took place on March 25th, 2017. I explained The Simple Coaching Model to mostly Agile Coaches & Scrum Masters and other enthusiasts interested in learning and enhancing their coaching skills.

The Coach Retreat is an annual event focused on Coaching. It is usually a sold-out event due to the value it is providing for its participants, as expected the Spring 2017 edition was a sold-out event as well.

I had 45 minutes to present. We have gone through the model fast compared to what I had in mind. However, I included all the important information needed. The debriefs were short but to the point.

(Half of the) Audience of the “Effective yet Effortless” Coaching Session at Coach Retreat Spring 2017

The audience this time was smaller compared to my previous talk at Shopify. Thus, this time I talked to most of the participants personally and asked for their feedback (I also asked them to give me feedback through an online survey as always). The NPS score to the session was averaged at 8.5. The most retweeted and liked tweet for the GTACoachRetreat was about my talk, “Effective yet Effortless Coaching”, by Daria. Based on these, I can easily conclude that the session was received well and the audience enjoyed it.

Great questions for simple #coaching model presented by Shahin Sheidaei here at #GTACoachRetreat. #agile #scrummaster #agilecoach

— Daria Bagina (@daria_bagina) March 25, 2017

You can read more about The Simple Coaching Model @ I will keep it updated with the latest version of the model, more samples, and expansion of it.

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