My Notes from Christopher Avery’s Responsibility Process

It isn’t enough how many times you hear about Responsibility Process. I have learned it years ago when Christoper was giving his keynote at Toronto Coach Retreat (it was the same session I presented Simple Coaching Model as well). However, I decided to refresh my knowledge and attend one of his webinars, in which he talks about the Responsibility Process and he is trying to convince you to buy his educational module. This is a great personal tool to use for yourself. However, coaches, scrum masters, and other leaders please do not try to use this on others.

  • That just it is around here! Justify usually has Just in it.
  • The smarter we are the better stories we create for blame and justify, unrelated to IQ, culture, race etc. 
  • Shame is just “lay blame” on self! 
    • I should have …
    • Getting out of shame: Ask yourself how long you want to beat yourself up being a human
  • Obligation:
    • If you stop beating yourself up
    • have to, don’t want to
    • trapped, being stuck
    • do you have some stupid meeting you are going to? you have to?
    • do you have some stupid paperwork you have to? have to have to have to? 
    • how many time of the day you say have to? 
  • language reveals a lot about our cognitive processes 
  • you are the architect of your own reality! 
  • catch yourself saying have to, what else to say? I am going to go to this meeting (instead of having to)
  • Responsibility 
    • choice and freedom 
    • the ability to respond
    • overcome something big in your life 
  • Responsibility Process:
    • there is nothing to change it (the process is there)
    • move bottom to top every time
    • develop a responsibility practice
  • 3 keys
    • intention: wanting + belief 
The following are some of the slides that I found important and a video from Christopher.

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