Coaching Triads – The Most Effective Way to Practice Coaching in a Safe and Confidential Space

Coaching Triads are a setting in which you can practice coaching and get better at it. It requires a safe and confidential space to practice coaching. So be clear about that.

How does it work?

In three rounds, you practice coaching as a coach, a client, and an observer. In each rotation, you play a different role. I always suggest that the coach becomes the observer in the next round and so on. There is a detailed illustration below.

What’s your role?

As a Client

  • Bring a real issue – choose something that is current and relevant to you. Something that you haven’t found a solution to it already. Do not bring in old problems that you have solved. 
  • Remember the point of this is for the coach to practice.

As a  Coach

  • Coach!
  • This is a safe space to try new and different styles of coaching, tools, and techniques and to take some risks.
  • Be clear about your intentions.
  • Be open to feedback, do not try to resist it and defend yourself. This is valuable information for you to improve on and grow. 

As an Observer

  • Remember, you’re observing mainly the coach, to provide him with valuable feedback. It will be very valuable to focus on the coaching relationship and the client. However, don’t let that take your focus away from giving most of your attention to the coach.
  • Don’t interrupt the coach. Don’t offer suggestions to the coach or the client.
  • Take notes of what appeared effective in the session. Write down specific things the coach said that were very helpful.
  • Provide feedback to the Coach at the end of the session. Use specific examples and try to focus on both positive and constructive feedback. 
Figure 1 – Coaching Triad – Suggested Rotations

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