Coach Retreat Fall 2017 – Clean Language & Balance

Clean Language

In the first half of the coach retreat, we practiced clean language.

Clean Language is a technique that is used especially in psychotherapy and coaching, and more recently as a research interview technique. Clean Language helps clients to discover and develop symbols and metaphors without any content introduced by the therapist/coach/interviewer.

Mike Bowler facilitated the session. We have gone through a coaching scenario on how to ask questions on clearing the language. It really helps build reputation with the coachee in the explorations phase. These were the clarifying questions we asked.

  • Developing Questions
    • What kind of X (is that X)?
    • Is there anything else about X?
    • Where is X? or (and) whereabouts is X?
    • Is there a relationship between X and Y?
    • When X, what happens to Y?
    • That’s X like what?
  • Sequence and Source
    • Then what happens?
    • What happens just before X?
    • Where could X come from?
  • Intention Questions
    • What would X like to have happen?
    • What needs to happen for X?
    • Can X (happen)?

Keep in mind, It has to be your Metaphor to work! Otherwise it won’t!


In the second half of the coach retreat, we practiced the Balance method from co-active. Peter LePiane facilitated the session and helped us to go through that. We practiced it using a scenario in mind, and looking it from different perspective. The idea was unique and somehow controversial to me. It was controversial in a sense that the coach is bringing bias to the conversation by introducing, or better saying suggesting, perspectives.

For detailed instruction on balance, you can visit The Balance Formula at a Glance.

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