UBC Persian Club

UBC (University of British Columbia) is one of the most well known universities among Canadian and so north american universities. Among the students of UBC you could find a Persian community that I believe its history goes back to almost days of its foundation. The Persian community of UBC is a place to have fun, chill out and make new friends in addition to helping your community to grow and hold great Persian events.

Once contacted by the president of UBCPC I accepted the honour to help them make a website for them. As of now that you can see the UBC Persian Club is running and is based on one of the most famous website engines (WP), it also features a great gallery plugin as long as the as much compatibility with the ubc theme itself.

The website as now is based on WordPress and got transferred from the previous version of website which was based on cpgnuke. The current version of the website features gmail based emails, nextGen gallery (a WP plugin) and much more.
The design of the website is done with the help of president and webmaster of UBC Persian club in the 2007-08 year, Thanks a lot to them for their help and effort.

The theme is a modified version of one popular theme of wordpress which is by RDN and justified to the needs of a Persian society requirements.

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