Oracle Coherence 3.6: Share and Manage Data In Clusters

I attended and successfully completed “Oracle Coherence 3.6: Share and Manage Data In Clusters” course offered by Red Hat in December 2013.

The topics covered in this course were as follow:

  • What is Coherence?
    • How does it solve real world scalability problems?
    • How does it improve performance and remove bottlenecks in applications?
    • What is the architecture of Coherence? What are Coherence clusters and nodes?
    • How is data managed in a Coherence cluster?
  • Coherence and application Objects
    • What are the changes that need to be made to an application to use Coherence?
    • What is serialization and why it is important to scalability?
  • Coherence and Performance
    • What are Coherence Events? How can applications take advantage of events?
    • What is Coherence in-place processing? How can applications improve performance using in-place processing?
  • Coherence and Integration
    • How can Coherence be integrated with other data sources?
    • How can I use Coherence in a .NET, C++ or WebLogic Server environment?
  • And others

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