Kanban: Gentle Change – Measureable Improvement for Business Leaders with Kanban

I attended and successfully completed “Kanban: Gentle Change” course in March 2015.

The course was offered by Berteig Consulting in March 2015, instructed by Travish Birch.

The topics covered in this course were as follow:

– Getting to know each other
– Classroom expectations
– Adult learning and accelerated learning (why aren’t there any slides?)
Principles of Kanban
– History of Kanban
– Visualize your work
– Limit work in progress (WIP)
– Measure lead time
Kanban Processes and Practices Overview
– What about all the ‘details’?
Task Board and Meetings
– Item size
– Optimization of flow
– Exercise: Kanban vs. traditional methods
Empirical Process
– Feedback loop
– Average lead time
– Bottlenecks
– Cumulative flow diagram
– Questions to ask to improve process
Kanban Simulation
– Practice using Kanban for a simple work problem
– Self organizing
– More than one product
– Handling interruptions, changing plans
Kanban, Lean and Agile
– Foundations
– Pull scheduling – JIT (lean)
– Kaizen Principle – empirical – continuous improvement (lean)
– Responding to change (Agile Manifesto)
– Why adopt Kanban?
– Why Kanban v.s. other agile methods?
Pre-Implementation to Implementation
– Start with a retrospective
– Launching teams
– Addressing stakeholders
– Construction of the first Kanban board
– Setting the first WIP limit
– Continual learning is the goal
Workshop – Kanban and Your Work
Q & A

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