iLEAD Coaching Kick-Start

I attended “iLEAD Coaching Kick-Start” course in September 2016. This course offered by Donna Robbins and focused on coaching and its fundamentals, and eventually becoming a better coach-like in our daily lives. It also touched on feedback and different approaches of communicating it.

The following is the outline of the course:

To align with the Organization’s focus priorities and develop the coaching skills of our people managers, the iLEAD Coaching Kick-Start program is designed to introduce people managers to our
coaching model, process and skills, and prepare them to begin having coach-like conversations.
Taking into account both the needs of the modern learner and the business, the course has
been designed to enable a coaching experience that includes a ½ day experiential classroom
session combined with a variety of pre and post workshop activities. This delivery format will
empower people to create a coaching journey that is unique to their development priorities
leading to improved skill application.
Learning Objectives:
By completing iLEAD Coaching Kick-Start, participants will be able to:

  • Define what coaching is at Scotiabank and its link to people manager expectations;
  • Apply a coaching process that initiates action;
  • Apply the three essential coaching skills that develop self-reliance in others;
  • Recognize the relationship between feedback and coaching and increase the use of feedback in coaching conversations.

Audience Type: Level 4 – 10 people managers
Length: ½ day classroom workshop

  • Read HBR article, Coaching: The Ten Killer Myths
  • Read Scotiabank article, Building a Coaching Culture at Scotiabank: The Business Case for Coaching

Sustainment Activities:
Join the iLEAD Coaching Sustainment site on the Organization Live and select activities to
further develop your coaching skills from the various resources provided, i.e. articles,
videos, webinars, e-learnings, etc.

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