Gatineau-Ottawa Agile Tour 2016 (GOAT2016)

I have participated at GOAT2016, a great Agile conference for the Gatineau and Ottawa area in 2016. This conference attracts more than 500 people over the Monday, 21st of November 2016.

Jesus, Lidia and Myself volunteered our time and experience to share and exchange ideas with the participants. We helped participants to realise what their underlying problem is, what Agile meant to them and what are the steps they need to take to become Agile. We were helping them at the Coaches’ Corner where it was conveniently located at the bright open space. The screenshot is attached below.

Shahin Sheidaei
Shahin Sheidaei is an Agile Coach, Change Therapist, Professional Disruptor, Thought Leader & Developer by heart. He enjoys to deal with fresh challenges, learn new techniques, apply them to real problems, observe the outcomes and improve upon through a positive feedback loop. Shahin questions everything and helps everyone. He can lead a group of people from the back of the room. He can apply and adapt his talent for the need of the team and/or the individual.

Shahin has influenced, coached, mentored and guided teams, individuals, leaders and managers to achieve their utmost potentials. He helped them to discover new ways of performing, thinking, collaborating and leading. He can be relied on with his immense knowledge in the Agile and Lean domain, from subtle changes to very complicated organizational transformation.

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