B.Sc. – Web Service Security

I have received my B.Sc. in March 2010. I have submitted my Thesis (in Persian) in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor Of Science in the School of Computing Science at Iran University of Science and Technology. The title of the thesis was “Web Service Security (Implementation, management and utilizing of Web Service securely)”.You can find the excerpt below.

Thesis – Web Service Security (Implementation, management and utilizing of Web Service securely)

With the rapid expansion of Internet and extreme changes in the routine life of individuals, one can not ignore the extensive influence of service-oriented applications in it. These applications are relying heavily on interactions through the Internet.
Service-oriented architecture empowers software architects to build software without any concerns from the implementation side.
A Software Architect can build an applications relying on Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture. In building a new application, there are always concerns of who is accessing what (e.g. administration panel of an application is supposed to be used by an Administrator only). In this thesis, I have implemented an innovatie approach managing access to an application utilizing SOA.

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