Writing Better User Stories!

Writing a user story is easy. However, a great user story is hard to come by. It is an art to have one! Introducing the values and specifications of a great user story to teams and individuals, I put together a session called “Better User Stories”. I am sharing the presentation I used. I divided the techniques and skills into three sections, “Better User Stories”, “Much Better User Stories” and “Much Much Better User Stories”. I hope you find it helpful either for yourself or for the people you are working with.

If you ask me to describe a user story I would summarize it as “Is about locking a shared understanding of smallest deliverable value possible”

Also, note that this is the start of the conversation for writing better user stories. Similar to user stories, which are for the understanding and embracing collaboration around value creation.

It’s all about the conversation!

Did you know that user story is a term in XP and Scrum calls it Product Backlog Item or PBI for short?

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