My notes on Toronto Agile Conference 2016

Toronto Agile Conference 2016 has happened in November. It was a great selection of Agilists and Agile enthusiasts. It was jam packed with great stuff to learn. I have attended three sessions about leadership, project management in Spotify and Leadership again and one keynote about the Host Leadership. The followings are my notes from the conference. You can also find others & my tweets on that day with TOAgile2016 hashtag.

Doc Norton – Leadership Starts With An Invitation

WIIM – with closed eyes
Who influences and get authority by that
Spectrum / Continuum
Host Leadership: initiator, inviter, space creator, gatekeeper, connector & co-participator

Selena Delesie – Managers Nurture Teams to Thrive

Managers nurture their teams
3 Min discussion

  • What managers do?
  • Why does Agile fail?
  • How do managers contribute to the failing agile teams?
Jack Canfield
Inspired Leadership
Success factor: do I see more smiles in two weeks after I joined in?
Two experiments in retrospectives
Focus on two agile values and experiment

Simon Cohen – Unaccountable: Better Project Management at Spotify

Vivid memories of people we don’t like to be.
delivery -> PM
Cost X Spotify
Scope + Time : P.O.
Chapter Lead: Quality
Cynefin framework
What kind of system is a project?
You can not force a complex system into a desirable state. (Complex or Complicated?)
==> Around Behaviours
Behaviours that drive results
It’s about increasing learning for the future
Holding someone accountable means asking for change in their behaviour.
PM => Do This Story 
PM => Do Not Do This Story
Spotify way of changing:
  • Sense the need
  • Collaboration to form approach
  • Start small, scale later (in the context we want)
  • Influence and be influenced
  • Experiment, try things
  • Let go of what doesn’t work

Jason Yip – What do you mean when you say leadership?

Product management => Direction, Management, Leadership
Typical misuse

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