My Notes from Professional Scrum Product Owner

I have participated in a two-day course on Product Owner. These are my notes on the course.

Day #1

  • Prioritize v.s. Order
    • There could be many priority ones, there could be only one at the top when ordering
  • Task management, I have not heard that in Scrum.
  • Change is not free, there is a cost associated with it from many different directions.
  • Agility hopefully speeds up learning
  • If no one is using your product, it is unsuccessful
  • Product Manager v.s. Product Owner (in small organizations one person)
  • Ideas
    • come with an open mind, leave your daily life outside the door, at intervals lets go grab those and bring them in!
    • “How is it in my life?” Board: To have a board for people to discuss and put ideas on how it is in their lives.
    • Lean Canvas start with a problem, give them problems or a scenario or ask them to bring one of the challenges to the table
    • Felt like you needed to have experience with Business Case to go through Lean Canvas.
  • The more we work on Sth, the more we love it.
  • Debrief
    • What was that activity/conversation about?
    • What was brought up in the conversation?
  • Measurements are not to set the goal!
  • EBMgmnt Values!
  • Time to prototype ==> innovation metrics!
  • Product Box
    • Small space
    • Everything on a box, no interactions
    • Try to sell
  • Pitch to get funded
    • Large investment
    • Interactions
    • Lots of questions
    • ROI Qs
Figure 1 – Reasons to Pursue Agility
Figure 2 – Entrepreneurial Product Owner (&why it’s hard to be one)

Figure 3 – Pin the Scrum! A great facilitation tool to teach Scrum

Figure 4 – Pin the Scrum in action
Figure 5 – Scrum in a nutshell
Figure 6 – Various ways to sort requirements
Figure 7 – Product Backlog with depth (top down, left right) i.e. Story Map

Day #2

  • Debrief 
    • How those conversations usually go?
  • Stacey Matrix: 3 Pillar of product development
    • Technology
    • Requirement
    • People
  • Idea 
    • Thermostat/Temperature Exercise
    • Keep at 37C
    • What are the factors?
  • Scrum Values:
    • Courage
    • Focus
    • Commitment
    • Respect
    • Openness
  • Stories to be easily consumable by the development team!
  • Excellent PO
    • Empathetic
    • Listening
    • Goot at debate
    • Good negotiator
    • Manage up
    • Articulate well
    • Work with people (customer)
    • Say No
    • Failed before and proud of it
    • Clarify well
    • Think & say what they want
    • Able to trust people
    • Do not attack people
    • Ask Questions
    • Decisiveness
    • Critical Thinking

Figure 8 – Product Box 1

Figure 9 – Product Box 2

Figure 10 – Product Box 3
Figure 11 – Lean Canvas + Product Box 4 
Figure 12 – Lean Canvas 2

Figure 13 – Lean Canvas 3
Figure 14 – Product Backlog

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