Kanban’s Hidden Gem In Product Management; Service Request Lens

I presented for a group of Product Managers, Owners, enthusiasts, and Intellectuals of the NewGenP group on Friday, December 11th. We talked about how to move away from delivery and more on to discovery with the Kanban Lens. You can find the recording, presentation and the abstract below.



Kanban’s Hidden Gem In Product Management; Service Request Lens from Shahin Sheidaei


It doesn’t matter how great your product development team is. If you are not feeding them the right set of data, the outcome won’t be used and paid by your customer. Garbage in, Garbage Out. I am sure you have heard that, or even experienced that in your professional life. As a product-centric person, how can you make sure that your product development team has a good amount of data to build the product? How would you make sure that the product is valuable for your customer? What length do you go to get those?

If these are similar to what boggles your mind, please join me in an informative session on Kanban and Product Management. We are going to explore together the lens Kanban utilizes to identify the customer, and the service provided to them. We are then going to explore the exquisite and unique tool in Kanban when it comes to “Request”, embodied in a role that is typically called Service Request Manager. It might be a misconception that Kanban is only good for delivery, and not an exploration of the customer space, in this session we are going to bust that myth.

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