Introducing The Simple Coaching Model

I introduced The Simple Coaching Model publicly for the first time as part of delivering the “Effective Yet Effortless Coaching” session on January 31st, 2017. In this post, I am going to talk about what this session is about and what and how this model can be useful.

The Simple Coaching Model V1.0

What is The Effective yet Effortless Coaching Session About?

This session is focused on providing individuals a very simple tool to have a coach-like conversation. This session is an interactive session where the participants practice coaching, even before then know what coaching is. By going through this session and its exercises, one inherently will understand what coaching is and what is meant for them. Isn’t that itself coaching? To help others help themselves?

What is The Simple Coaching Model About?

This is a simplified model, tool or framework; depending on how you look at it and how you use it. It is a simple technique to help coaches, leaders, managers and for anyone having an interaction with other people, to benefit from having a coaching-like conversation. This model helps to focus on the relationship, the person on the other side. It helps to discover the main thing to focus on, to have a conversation that it is important for them, to focus it on them and their desires and at the end to make them understand what is coming up next.

Who is The Effective yet Effortless Coaching Session For?

This session is intended for anyone interested in learning about coaching. If you know nothing about coaching, or if you are a professional coach, this session will help you learn something new. For beginners, understanding what coaching is and what is meant to be a coach and coachee. For the more experienced coaches, to reemphasize the very basics of coaching by providing a very simple technique. This technique help them get out of the coaching challenges by following a simple coaching model! And we know that coaching challenges do happen frequently.

What is The Simple Coaching Model Based Upon?

The Simple Coaching Model is based on my knowledge, practices and constant learnings through all aspects of my personal and professional life, as a coach and a coachee! (Everyone needs a coach!).

What is The Simple Coaching Model Good For?

If you watched a coach in action or read about coaching before, you might find resemblances between The Simple Coaching Model and other techniques, tools, ideas, models, frameworks, arcs etc. I am simplifying Coaching as much as possible without losing the core values! Some might disagree with me. However, if you get good at The Simple Coaching Model, you can easily build on that and expand on your skillsets as a coach. The sky is the limit!

What’s The Story Behind The Simple Coaching Model?

This is a practical model built by me to help myself practice coaching. This helped me to easily focus on mastering skills needed for coaching without losing the focus on coaching itself.

How Can I Use The Simple Coaching Model?

This can be the very first step for you. Start with The Simple Coaching Model and build on top of it, practice a lot at any chance you get. Look back at what you’ve achieved and what you’ve missed and built on top of that! Ask for help, it is easier and more effective than you imagine!

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