Interview Questions for an Intermediate Java Developer

Looking for real life interview questions for a Java Developer? These are the ones from the one I have conducted recently. The length of the interview was limited to an hour.

B = Beginner
I = Intermediate
A = Advanced

-Introducing him and what he has done + his experience

Technical questions:

OOP related questions
1-What are the OOP’s main characteristic? (B)
1b-how do you support polymorphism in Java? (B)
1c-When do you use inheritance in Java (instead of using an interface)? (I)

JAVA related questions
2-What is Overriding and Overloading?
2b-and when do you recommend to use each?
3-What is a thread? (B)
3b-How would you create a thread in Java (3 ways you can do that) (I)
3c-Which one do you prefer to use for creating a thread (A)
4-What is the difference between a synchronized method and a synchronized block (A)
4b-which one do you suggest to use and why? (A)
5-What is an Iterator ? (I)
6-What is hashCode() and equals() methods ? (I)
6b-When do you override these functions and why?
7-Describe a particular shortcoming in Java you’ve encountered? and how did you resolve it? (Any Java Shortcoming?)
8-What is the meaning of Transient keyword and how is it used?

JEE related questions
10-What do you know about JSP?
11-What is a layered architecture?
12-What is MVC? Have you used any framework MVC in your past experience?
12b-Any experience in an MVC architecture? Please give us an example of your work.
13-Talk about different JEE framework you used and tell us their advantages and disadvantages? Which one do you prefer and why?
13b-What are the design patterns used in Spring? (Dependency injection)
13c-Dependency injections implementations? (By Method, By Construct …)
14-Any experience with EJB? do you know the difference between stateless and stateful EJB?
15-What is SOA? Is it related to OOP?
15b-What is a web service?
15c-Have you experience with SOAP webserice? How about REST? Can they be used interchangeably?
16-What is JMS?
16b-What is the difference between queue and topic?
17-What is the difference between EAR, JAR and WAR file
18-What is a JavaBean?
18b-Difference between JavaBean and EJB?

DB related questions
20“- What is a primary key?
20′-What is FOREIGN KEY?
20- What is normalization?
21-What is E-R model?
22-What is Object Oriented model?
23-DDL and DML, what are they? (I)
24-What is difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE commands?
25-Define Join and explain different type of joins?

-OR Mapping related questions
31-What is Hibernate Framework? iBatis ? (what is OR)
32-What is Java Persistence API (JPA)?
33-What are the advantages of OR over JDBC?
34-iBatis ? xml customization and auto generation (A)

Continuous Integration
41-What is a source control? (have you any experience using that)
42-Why do you think we need a sourc control?
43-Maven vs Ant? Any experience?
44-Any experience with test suites? TestNG? JUnit? What are those? Any one you prefer?
45-What is continuous integration? Any experience with Jenkins? Continuous Integration Tools?
46-Experience with Bash? (Linux commands?)

Agile questions
51-What is your experience with Agile?
52-What are the main attributes of the Agile?
53-Can you name some of the methodologies under Agile? (scrum, extreme programming, kanban …)
54-If something goes wrong in the development process who would you go to first? (the best answer is it depends)
55-Do we have different roles (such as QA, Developer) in an Agile team?

General Questions: (20 minutes)

what will he bring to this job and why this job is suited for him?
Why do you want to work for us?
what is he seeing himself in 5 years?
What are your major strengths?
What are your greatest weaknesses?
Tell me about a time that you failed at something and what you did afterwards.
Describe a time that you works on a team project. What was your relative position? Were you satisfied with your contribution? Could it have been better?
Why did you choose this field of work?
Tell me about a situation in which you had to resolve a conflict / failed.
What do you know about our team?
Do you have any questions for us?
Tell me about a project that you had either at work or school. Describe in detail how you managed it and what was the outcome?

Candidate’s questions:

Any questions he might have for us?

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