Extending task-bar using dual monitor in Windows 7

Have you noticed whenever you are connecting your Microsoft Windows PC or laptop to a second monitor, there is only one task-bar and it will stay with the main display? Is it a good option or not, you can have your say. However, I believe for most developers like me, it is not a great advantage. You do not know which windows are open in which monitor. So, if you are eager to have extended task-bar for your extra monitor, I would recommend using Actual Multiple Monitors. This is not an open source program nor it is a free one, but is has many free features that you can utilize. If you find yourself so in love with the application to use all its features you can try buying it. I have tried several applications and this is one of the best I came across. My criteria was simplicity and the ability to show the window position related to the monitor its being used. 

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