An Honorable Person Never Passes Away – In Memory of Jerry!

A legendary man is no longer with us, Gerald M. “Jerry” Weinberg. It’s a big loss 🙁 . And look at, just one of his legacies, PSL workshop. There is a poem (in Persian) from Saadi Shirazi saying “An honorable person never passes away, a person is no longer alive if no one reminds of them and admire them after his passing”. And Jerry is truly a person that we will be honoring him, admiring him, and talking about him, his effect, and his work for years and years to come.

سعدیا مرد نکونام نمیرد هرگز
مرده آنست که نامش به نکویی نبرند

In 1974 Jerry and Dani Weinberg designed and conducted the Technical Leadership workshop which later evolved into the Problem Solving Leadership (PSL) workshop that aimed to teach leaders the ability to think and act creatively. Jerry Weinberg worked with many respected consultants and trainers over the years to teach PSL; most recently he collaborated with Esther Derby and Johanna Rothman. With declining health, in 2017 Weinberg and Derby asked Don Gray to step in so PSL could continue. ~ infoQ

I had the pleasure to take part in PSL, and met him in person. It was truly a life-changing event for me. Thanks Jerry!

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