Agile is an art and Agile Coach is an artist, be an awesome one!

I was listening to an interview with a well known DJ years ago. The interviewer has asked the DJ what kind of music would he enjoy listening to. The DJ responded that he wouldn’t enjoy listening to music anymore. He used to enjoy music before becoming a DJ. Now that he became a DJ, he had to listen to all kind of music and in many genres. He needed to do that to be able to energize the crowd that he was playing music for. He enjoyed the fact that people listening to the music are enjoying it. 

Agile coaches are like DJs. You are trying to bring joy in the team you are coaching. You are doing that by coaching them to be agile and live agile values. Achieving that, you need to know many different techniques and solutions. Not every technique will work for each team. Similar to a good DJ, you have to understand your crowd and find the right music for them, to play for them so that they enjoy it. If you find the right music (i.e. the right technique) for them, not only they will perform in a joyful manner (i.e. in an agile way) but also will enjoy themselves doing that. 

In a similar manner, we can compare chefs and agile coaches.

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