Agile Games Canada; An Open Space

It is an Open Space! 

It all started over a quick conversation on Twitter. The first outcome was a post highlighting all the Canadian and American noteworthy conferences, unconferences and meetups. The second was a twitter poll that revealed great support from the community to hold an Open Space around games. The challenge was to find someone to share the same vision, volunteer their time, and make Agile Games a reality! It was not easy to find a partner to start it with. Luckily, I found two awesome people and on the same date! Very soon after that, the Agile Games Canada was born; on March 21st, 2019 (i.e. It’s the start of Spring and the first day of Persian New Year, Nourouz).

Lean Startup Approach

We started with a webpage inside another website, not even a stand-alone webpage. When we started, we didn’t know what location we are hosting it, nor did we know if we are providing food and beverages for the day. However, we took an execute and learn in short iterations approach. It was amazing, still is. Now we have a great registration list, a location, food & beverages are decided upon, and we have a website! We now even have a twitter account.

40 under 40

From almost 40 days ago when we announced Agile Games Canada, we have seen great support from the community. We are truly grateful for that. We have sold more than 40% of tickets and we are very close to the 50% mark. I, on behalf of the Agile Games Canada Leadership team, want to thank all of you who supported us by purchasing a ticket, telling your friends to do so, or even by just liking our posts. You are why we are thriving to make this happen!

LoyaltyOne, Special Thanks!

We are thrilled to announce that LoyaltyOne is hosting Agile Games Canada 2019. We are excited to be at their amazing location on June 15th, creating a safe space to practice, learn and share what we learned. We have seen a great amount of enthusiasm from other sponsors as well. We will announce them in a short while.

Agile Games Website & Twitter

We have a redesigned website at (or Please take a look, let us know if we can improve anything. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Also, follow us on twitter for the last minute updates. 

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