JBoss and security

JBoss implementaiton of security is JBossSX. It both supports declarative J2EE (JEE) and role-based security model. Default implementation for declarative security model is JAAS. Declarative: you declare the security roles and permissions using a standard XML message, rather than embedding in your code. Secure access to EJBs and web components using ejb-jar.xml and web.xml deployment… Continue reading JBoss and security


Advanced JBoss Enterprise Development

I attended and successfully completed “Advanced JBoss Enterprise Development” course offered by Red Hat in April 2011. Advanced JBoss Enterprise Development – Certificate Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Development II(JB325) – Course The topics covered in this course were as follows: Introduction to JBoss JBoss Architecture Overview JMX Jaba Management Extensions AOP & JBoss Connectors… Continue reading Advanced JBoss Enterprise Development