Introduction to NoSQL by Martin Fowler

Impedance Mismatch problem: O/R issuesSQL: does not work well with large clustersGoogle: BigtableAmazon: Dynamo=> NoSQLOrigin: a Twitter hashtag to advertise a single meeting #nosql non-relational open-source cluster-friendly schema-less when you are getting a price from a row, you are utilizing schema, but when you don’t have schema there is no guarantee data is there 21st… Continue reading Introduction to NoSQL by Martin Fowler


IAT 352

You can find complementary material for the IAT 352 course offered in Spring 2009, SFU, Surrey below. Course Description Course webpage (cached version) Course outline (cached version) Course Instructor (cached version) Course Teaching Assistant Complementary material XSLT XSLT introduction slideXSLT example1 catalog.xml cdcatalog.xsl cdcatalog_with_xsl.xml XSLT example2 class.xml class.xsl classoriginal.xml Servlet Servlet Introduction Slides Servlet Example (jserp) zip file Servlet Example code… Continue reading IAT 352