My Notes on Cynefin Framework

These are my notes on Cynefin Framework. It is a very powerful framework. You can use it for any causal relationship modelling, decision making being one of them. Categorization models: Framework precedes data Sense-making models: Data proceeds framework Three basic systems Ordered Systems Complex Systems Chaotic Systems + New category: Disorder Divide order into two… Continue reading My Notes on Cynefin Framework


Certified LeSS Practitioner

I attended “Certified LeSS Practitioner” course instructed by Craig Larman offered by Bertieg in April 2016. I also received “Certified LeSS Practitioner” designation from LeSS; as a result of successfully completing the course and its requirements. You can find more details about this course at The topics covered in “Certified LeSS Practitioner” are: LeSS Overview LeSS… Continue reading Certified LeSS Practitioner