Ardeshir TV

Ardeshir TV was an attempt to create a new website for Ardeshirbahal. Ardeshirbahal has been producing videos in various fields. You can take a look at his channel in youtube through this link. Ardeshir has been posting videos to youtube since 16 March 2009 and up to day more than 25000 times his videos have been watched  more than 3000000 times his videos have been watched through more than 1200 subscribers. Ardeshir TV website is based on a wordpress engine with a customized theme. The theme has rollover capability over its header navigation images. The site was intended to provide Ardeshirbahals’ fans with more resources and more ways to interact with the director of these videos.


The following images are screenshots of Ardeshir TV new website and the Ardeshirbahal’s youtube channel.

Ardeshir TV
Ardeshir TV new website
Ardeshir Bahal on YouTube

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