Oracle Commands (Oracle Application Server)

These are mostly oracle application server commands:
To start and stop the Management Service, the Management Agent, the Grid Control Console, the Application Server Control Console, and the Database Control, you use the Enterprise Manager command-line utility (emctl)
opmnctl is the supported tool for starting and stopping all components in an Oracle Application Server instance, with the exception of the Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Application Server Control Console (Application Server Control Console). opmnctl provides a centralized way to control and monitor Oracle Application Server components from the command line. You can useopmnctl to execute control and monitoring commands across multiple Oracle Application Server instances simultaneously.
opmnctl also enables you to perform operations on a specified Oracle Application Server instance in a cluster or all instances in a cluster using an optional parameter called scope. You can also use the scope option to control an individual Oracle Application Server process.
In my observed usage of these commands, they have been used in the following ways:

  • emctl stop
  • emctl start
  • opmnctl status
  • opmnctl start
  • opmnctl startall
  • opmnctl stopall


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