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ٖٖٖ#AgileLunch is entering its third year in a week. It has been a very insightful journey. We met every last Friday of the month for the past two years, no exceptions! This couldn’t have happened without the help of the innovators, and early adopters. We continued to evolve when the early majority decided to be part of the community. I am grateful for all!
First & foremost, my most sincere gratitude to all of the members of the community. It is because of you that AgileLunch is happening, and strong! Next, I want to thank the innovators and early adaptors Dimitar Diane Dave Carlos Goran Shawn Joanne Fernando Sujit Sue Cliff Tom Lisa and many more. Without your support, there would be no AgileLunch! I also would like to thank our guests who came and talked to us in a not very traditional environment: Jason Gil Peter Patrick Sue Jeff Todd Charron Michael You elevated us! Thanks! And huge thanks to sponsoring space: Hassan from Viafoura and Alexis from TEKsystems. And last but not least the volunteers Dimitar Joanne Nasima Dave Goran Wayne Savita Alan Maryam! You guys are absolutely amazing! I am not sure how this community will evolve in its third year. However, I am sure that it evolves by its members and to serve its members. #community #culture Agile Lunch

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