Gatineau-Ottawa Agile Tour 2016 (GOAT2016)

I have participated at GOAT2016, a great Agile conference for the Gatineau and Ottawa area in 2016. This conference attracts more than 500 people over the Monday, 21st of November 2016. Jesus, Lidia and Myself volunteered our time and experience to share and exchange ideas with the participants. We helped participants to realise what their… Continue reading Gatineau-Ottawa Agile Tour 2016 (GOAT2016)


My Notes on Cynefin Framework

These are my notes on Cynefin Framework. It is a very powerful framework. You can use it for any causal relationship modelling, decision making being one of them. Categorization models: Framework precedes data Sense-making models: Data proceeds framework Three basic systems Ordered Systems Complex Systems Chaotic Systems + New category: Disorder Divide order into two… Continue reading My Notes on Cynefin Framework


Leading Conversation at AgileOntario about Standardization in Agile

I spoke at the Agile Ontario Meetup on December 10th for the December meetup. I have been attending to this meetup for a long time. This time was different, I was speaking at it. The topic that I was talking about was standardization of practices and processes amongst the teams and how will or will… Continue reading Leading Conversation at AgileOntario about Standardization in Agile