Welcome to Sheidaei.com, Homepage of Sheidaei's. 

You can find the list of websites being maintained under sheidaei.com as follows:

  • Homepage:         shahin.sheidaei.com          Homepage
  • Weblog:           blog.sheidaei.com            Notepad (Technical / scholarly commentaries)
  • Photoblog:        photo.sheidaei.com           Mute Pixel (Via Viewfinder)
  • Web2.0:           online.sheidaei.com          Digital Footprint (Online me in a nutshell)
  • Web3.0:           visual.sheidaei.com          Visual Virtual Presence (Pictures worth of a thousand words)
  • Miscellaneous:    transient.sheidaei.com       Evanescent Memoir (Short lived existence of online me)

I will be glad to provide you with a webpage under your name (e.g. yourname.sheidaei.com) if you are a Sheidaei. 

Please feel free to contact me.